q Code of Conduct - Mysterious Brewing Company

code of conduct

At Mysterious Brewing, we firmly believe that beer, the beer industry, and the broader beer community should be accessible to all. Our goal isn’t to become a giant in the industry, but rather to excel in quality, foster goodness, and invite people from all backgrounds to share in our passion for beer.

We are dedicated to cultivating a safe and inclusive environment for our staff, customers, suppliers, and guests, whether they’re at our brewery, taproom, events, or engaging with us on social media. We want everyone to feel empowered to express their true selves without fear of prejudice or judgment. Discrimination of any kind, including racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, violence, or harassment, will not be tolerated toward any member of our community.

When you enjoy our beers, visit our pop-up taproom, or connect with us at festivals, events, or online, our aim is for you to feel welcomed, respected, and able to fully enjoy your experience. We proudly support the Everyone Welcome Initiative, underscoring our commitment to combatting hate, ignorance, and discrimination in any form, regardless of alcohol consumption, harassing behaviour is never acceptable.

We hold ourselves to high standards, and every member of the Mysterious Brewing team is expected to uphold integrity, courtesy, and respect in all interactions.

In our quest to ensure the beer industry remains inclusive and secure, we will ask that any beer festivals or events we participate in adhere to a code of conduct aligned with ours. We refuse to carry products with discriminatory branding and will not collaborate with companies known for discriminatory practices or mistreatment of their staff or customers.

If you encounter or witness any negative behaviour associated with Mysterious Brewing or anybody attending one of our events, whether in person or online, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our team members or email us at beer@mysteriousbrewing.com with the details.

We are committed to addressing any concerns brought to our attention promptly and seriously.